Why DriverlessCars without “hackers” would be even more harmful.

Most drivers might view the potential threat of car hackers obviously as a curse. Why #DriverlessCars without “hackers” would be even more harmful.

Many people may not know that the term “hacker” originally had a positive connotation, referring to the elites of the computer field who try their utmost to make the best use of computer programs. However, with the flourishing of the Internet, people who have suffered from virus attacks or disclosure of their confidential information have gradually started to think of “hackers” as a group of people that are synonymous to injurious insects. The vigorous propaganda propelled by work of cinematography and literary fiction has created the impression that a hacker’s behavior consists mostly of damage and attack. The movie „The Fast and the Furious 8,” serves as a good example: It depicts a scene with thousands of driverless automobiles remotely controlled by hackers, that suddenly transform into weapons of mass destruction. This powerful image suggests to the audience that vehicles with automated navigation features are inherently dangerous, and that the lives of drivers and passengers can easily be controlled by hackers.

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