Baidu Driverless Bus Enters ‘Mass Production’

Chinese technology company Baidu has said it has begun mass-producing driverless buses.

The Apolong bus can seat up to 14 people, and has been developed with a local vehicle manufacturer. It has no driver’s seat, steering wheel or pedals. It runs on electric power and can travel up to 100km (62 miles) after a two-hour charge, at up to 70km/h. The vehicles would initially be put to commercial use within Chinese cities but added it was also targeting foreign markets. Softbank said it intended to start using 10 Apolong buses for “demonstration tests” within Japan by early 2019.

Intel subsidiary Mobileye is providing Baidu with the self-driving technology for the buses. Baidu will also equip each bus with Mobileye’s Surround Computer Vision Kit, which consists of 12 cameras plus onboard computers to interpret the incoming images.

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