Gallup: Women, Elderly, Working Class Prime Candidates for Driverless 

Highlights from latest Gallup poll:

  • Number of US adults who enjoy driving “a great deal” has decreased to 34%
  • Men drive more regularly than women and enjoy it more
  • 86% of US adults say they own or lease a car or other vehicle

Regarding adoption of driverless, Gallup noted the most likely contenders would be those that least enjoy driving and those least likely to drive:

Among those least likely to drive every day are adults aged 65 and older (45%) and those with annual incomes less than $36,000 (46%). Older adults may be retired, have fewer activities or medical reasons for driving less often. Adults from households with lower incomes may not own a car, may not have a job or may be cautious about how often they need to fill up their gas tank, making their ability or need to drive less frequent.

Men are more likely than women to drive frequently and to find driving highly enjoyable, 41% v 27%.

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