Uber Driverless Cars, Management Slow to React

Uber just canned 100 self-driving car operators in Pittsburgh:

Uber has laid off 100 self-driving car test drivers in Pittsburgh in the wake of a high-profile crash in Arizona. The company is replacing them with 55 so-called “mission specialists,” technical specialists trained on both on-road and test track conditions, as it continues to scale back operations in the wake of the crash.

It was 4 months ago that an Uber driverless car hit and killed a pedestrian crossing the street. The car’s safety driver was slow to react, possibly because she was watching The Voice on her phone. The key takeaway from the accident was not the distracted driver– that should be expected, no?– but the fact that Uber’s driverless technology had a hard time seeing in the dark. C’mon, Uber. My dog can see in the dark.

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