Could new Saudi dictator fund Tesla at $80 billion?

Mohammed bin Salman is Arabia’s new dictator. He took full control of the kingdom last year. (He jailed the richest people in the country to show ’em who’s boss.) He’s young and ambitious and now controls approximately a gajillion dollars. It was just reported today he had bought $4B of TSLA in March.

Quiz: What is the #1 resource that will change the energy industry in the 21st century, that Saudi Arabia also happens to dominate?

Answer: Sunlight.

MBS has declared his intention to transform Arabia’s economy. He knows oil is energy’s past, not its future. Storing solar power happens to be a thing that Tesla does better than anyone. And Tesla has recently announced it doesn’t have the funding needed to expand its energy storage business fast enough. And then came the latest Musk tweet-bomb:

The news of Elon Musk taking Tesla private doesn’t sound totally crazy to me. I mean, what’d be better than getting a benefactor to ease the pressure of running his car company and let him focus on the thing he really wants to do– fly rockets to Mars?

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