Investment in driverless (last 3 months) > Investment in driverless (last 48 months)

Bloomberg compiled the numbers and they are astounding (though not news if you’ve been reading here):


The article highlights Ford recently spun off autonomous unit:

Ford CEO Jim Hackett is in the midst of overhauling his company’s aging product line while trying to come up with the billions required to be a player in the autonomous-vehicle future. “There’s not going to be 10 winners in this space when we look back,” Hackett said of the driverless derby during a July 25 earnings call. “There’s going to be a few, and we plan on being one of them.”

When asked about actual investment to date, Hackett responded, “We’ve had people approach us. We’re not disclosing any of that tonight, but yeah, we’ve had interest.” Call me skeptical, but that’s the same tone an awkward high school boy strikes when asked if he’s had any girlfriends. Ford is way behind in driverless technology, mired in debt, and desperate for investors. It might be time to get a few puts ready.

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