Driverless and Trucking Jobs

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Real talk about trucking jobs:

  • Yes, hundreds of thousands– possibly millions– of trucking jobs will be lost.
  • Yes, this is terrible for many people (mostly men) who depend on this stable income to support their families.
  • No, do not believe Uber and other reports that say these long-haul, inter-city truckers will easily transition into intra-city ‘trucking’ jobs. We live in Austin, and the folks that perform intra-city movement of goods have more in common with Uber drivers than they do with long-haul truckers.
  • No, trucking does not support a healthy lifestyle. Truckers’ health is generally poor, which is unsurprising given the amount of time a person is forced to sit in a chair.
  • Yes, there is an extant need for robot drivers. Currently, there is an enormous shortage of (human) truckers, and this shortage increases yearly. “Hiring” robot truck drivers would greatly help in solving for this shortage.

Expect sympathy and antipathy for truckers, and correlating feelings about driverless technology, but the tl;dr is the trucking industry is in dire need of automation; and would-be truckers might be better off with less unhealthy occupations.

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