How 5G will accelerate Driverless

From the Wall Street Journal today:

Auto makers are looking to the fifth generation of internet connectivity to power new streaming services in the car and accelerate the industry’s shift to driverless vehicles. While the new broadband technology is still several years away from hitting the road, the deployment of 5G connections in cars will allow auto makers to transmit larger amounts of data with greater reliability and at speeds far faster than the current-generation cellular service, known as 4G.

Cars need data to move. The more data they have, coupled with expert ability to interpret the data, will allow cars to move better. 5G technology will allow cars to communicate more detailed information to each other; and receive more detailed information from the environment. The result should be better driving.

If you are looking for the best, purest play on 5G, it’s Verizon, which has declined to follow their competitors in spending on media content, instead staying focused on the latest generation of telecom technology. Verizon just announced it is rolling out 5G technology next month in Los Angeles and other major cities.