First-ever ranking of automated driving systems: GM #1, Tesla #2

Consumer Reports released its findings of popular driver-assist systems:

It says Cadillac’s Super Cruise does the best job of ensuring the vehicle is driven safely while making sure the driver pays attention when they take their hands off the steering wheel. “Super Cruise has a camera that looks at the driver’s eyes and warns them if they look away for too long or fall asleep, and that’s a game changer,” said Jake Fisher, director of auto testing at Consumer Reports. Consumer Reports ranks Tesla’s Autopilot as the second most effective automated driving system, criticizing it for not doing enough to keep the driver engaged when the vehicle is in Autopilot mode.

tl;dr = GM/Cruise wins on safety. Tesla wins on performance.

Our own Driverless Revolutions Power Rankings are coming out in the coming weeks. Look out for that and some changes coming!

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